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Szego Unplugged is a place of robust debate of the kind you’re unlikely to find in the mainstream press. I’m an author, journalist and columnist with eclectic interests; left-leaning but wary of identity politics.

Help me build a heterodox community in which hard topics can be discussed with civility. 

One of the hardest topics at the moment, in my hometown of Melbourne and throughout the West, is gender identity politics— the trans debate. The Age commissioned me to write a story on youth gender transition and then refused to run it. The piece (with some minor updates and tweaks) is Part One of a series called A Question of Transition

I also write about gender identity politics more broadly— without the copy being rendered unreadable by a committee of woke journalists redacting words they deem incendiary, such as “male”. And I’m writing, or will be writing, about all the other themes I’ve been banging on about for a quarter of a century: Australia’s disgracefully inequitable education system, politics, more identity politics, sexual politics, international politics, Brutalist architecture, and me, a wondering Jew. 

Access is free, but if you would consider taking out a paid subscription I’d be immensely grateful. Independence comes at a cost especially during a cost-of-living crisis. Paid subscriptions mean I can keep doing this — and my kids can eat.

I have comments turned on, undertake to correct any errors and will do my best to inform, provoke and occasionally entertain. Feel free to spread the word. 

Szego Unplugged
This is a piece The Age refused to publish. It is the first in a series I’ll be posting here. Shortly you’ll read two accounts from two mothers about their teenage child “coming out” as transgender, and what happened next. They are intensely personal narratives. They should not be taken as typical of the experiences of the thousands of young Australians…
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